Chiesa di LizzanaChiesa di LizzanaChiesa di LizzanaChiesa di LizzanaChiesa di LizzanaChiesa di Lizzana

Chiesa di Lizzana

Fortunato Depero | 1976

limited edition in 300 exemplars in cardinal numbers, XXIII in roman numbers and 50 hour commerce Current exemplar numbered in pencil as: XV/XXIII paper size: 75 x 70 cm Excellent conditions, This work comes from it original folder and never been framed Folder not included A copy of the publication and a regular certificate of authenticity will be included Fast and Tracked shipping with express currier DHL

Tecnical Information

Artist Fortunato Depero
Year 1976
Signature Edition edited by the Depero Museum, Rovereto, taken from the 1923 tapestry
Edition 1 / XV/XXIII
Class limited edition
Type Print
Material Screenprint on paper
Size (cm) 70.00 x 75.00 x 0.00
Size (in) 27.56 x 29.53 x 0.00


Fortunato Depero

Italian, 1892–1960



Chiesa di Lizzana

Fortunato Depero, 1976
Edition 1/XV/XXIII

Diavoletti neri e bianchi

Fortunato Depero, 1974
Edition 1/XV/XXIII


Fortunato Depero, ca. 1970
Edition 1/60