Gutan Art Gallery

Founded in Varese, Gutan Art Gallery is a gallery specializing in Modern and Contemporary Art, with a focus on limited editions, and young talents. With a particolar focus for original prints and multiples , we offers a wide choice of works, following an artistic path, starting from the futurism of Balla and Severini, which passes through Hartung, Capogrossi and Vedova, the informal of Afro and Tapies, Motherwell's pop art and Robert Indiana, Matta's surrealism, the optical art of Vasarely, Le Parc, Morellet and many others up to the present day, through the major artistic movements of twentieth century.

Virtual Gallery Exhibition

Welcome to the Gutan Art Gallery's 3D virtual exhibition. In this pandemic time, virtual exhibits are foundamental to comply with health and safety protocols. Waiting for a return to normality and to everyday life, it is necessary to create a thread of continuity between normal and 'remote' activities. This continuity is represented by this virtual exhibition which is made up of a large group of works (high definition photos of real paintings). Enjoy the visit.

Benvenuti nella mostra virtuale 3D Gutan Art Gallery. In questo tempo di pandemia, le mostre virtuali sono fondamentali per rispettare i protocolli di salute e sicurezza. In attesa di un ritorno alla normalità e alla quotidianità, è necessario creare un filo di continuità tra attività normali e 'remote'. Questa continuità è rappresentata da questa mostra virtuale che è composta da un ampio gruppo di opere (foto ad alta definizione di dipinti). Godetevi la visita.


Masters of Surrealism

Selected works from the most important surrealist artists of the twentieth century: Salvador Dalì , Joan Miró , Wifredo Lam , Roberto Matta

Divisionism research with the shapes by Giorgio Basfi

Basfi painted the ephemeral quality of light into his pictures, and as we look at them, they seem to flare up again into brightness just as they are on the point of fading into darkness. They are like those faint sounds whose presence makes the silence audible